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The Micah Jones Story - Living a life with new lyrics - Traumatic Brain Injury

The Micah Jones Story - Living a life with new lyrics - Traumatic Brain Injury

July 9, 2004, Micah Jones was hit by a car driven by a drunk police officer as she crossed the street to get a taxi while interning for a record publisher in Nashville. Micah survived and suffered...

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

This video discuss traumatic brain injury. It is part of the DVD series \

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Traumatic Brain Injuries: Effects of damage to different lobes of the brain

http://www.ericratinoff.com Brain Injury Attorney Eric Ratinoff talks about traumatic brain injury - an area of personal injury he is proud to represent. He is always looking for opportunities...

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A brain injury is like a fingerprint, no two are alike | Kevin Pearce | TEDxLincolnSquare

Now in competition with himself, former pro-snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, shares with us his story of suffering a traumatic brain injury. And the difference between winning then and winning now....

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Garrett's Anoxic Brain Injury & Continued Recovery

This video is about Garrett's Anoxic Brain Injury due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Garrett was in a drug treatment program when he went to sleep feeling nauseated after taking Suboxen....

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What Could Happen After A Brain Injury?

Last week, a man was walking down the street when a knife fell and landed in his head! How does brain injury impact you? Trace is joined by Reina Scully from SourceFed to discuss everything...

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Husband Fights For Wife's Recovery After Brain Injury, Insurance Loss

Jessica Kartalija reports.

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Brain Injury - My New Life

Meet George Cairney, he had promising future, but one decision meant he lost it all. Watch Part 2 of this story. Follow Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/attitudetv Follow Us on Twitter:...

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Traumatic Brain Injury First day of PT


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Traumatic Brain Injury - Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) - Animation by Dr. Cal Shipley, M.D.

http://www.calshipleymd.com Detailed analysis of brain/neuron anatomy & injury in diffuse axonal injury (DAI), primary & secondary injury, with traumatic acceleration/deceleration events.

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Caring for Hypoxic Anoxic Brain Injury


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Broken Part 2: Living with a Brain Injury

ABI Rehabilitation is the place people come to recover from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In episode two Terry starts to emerge from his fog of confusion, Eltje comes to terms with what's...

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Living With Traumatic Brain Injury

Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Traumatic brain injury results from an impact to the head that disrupts normal brain function. Dr. Phiroz Tarapore looks at strategies for treating patients with...

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury


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Traumatic Brain Injury on Christmas Eve

BMX crash in Florida. Santos bike jumps. Shands hospital/rehab.

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The Road to Recovery Following Brain Injury

An overview of what happens when an individual suffers from a brain injury and what their journey from the moment they are taken into the hospital through to rehabilitation and recovery looks like.

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What OT Can Do For You: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

What can occupational therapy do for someone who has had a traumatic brain injury? Check out how occupational therapy looked at all aspects of this OT client's life to help him achieve his...

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Brain Injury Dialogues -Full Documentary-

Full length version of Brain Injury Dialogues -52 minutes-

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Overview of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


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Broken Part 3: Living with a Brain Injury

In New Zealand 36000 people suffer a traumatic brain injury every year. The most common cause is falls, followed by accidents. The most severe go to ABI Rehabilitation where a team of experts...

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Tom O'Brien's story, life before and after a severe brain injury

This slideshow is of Tom's life before and after a severe brain injury in 2008. Tom was a typical energetic 12yo boy who loved life. Tragically his life changed when he was hit by a car while...

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Two types of mild traumatic brain injuries are shown: low-speed coup-contrecoup injury and high-speed coup-contrecoup injury. The high-speed coup-contrecoup injury creates apparent contusions....

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Can A Brain Injury Make You A Genius?

Have you ever heard the phrase, \

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Broken Part 5 Finale: Living with a Brain Injury

Terry, T.K and Jarrod have spent months in Auckland's ABI Rehabilitation, learning the very basics of how to live after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Being able to do all the things...

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Traumatic Brain Injury scenario - Paramedic assesment

Special thanks to Scottish Ambulance Academy situated in Glasgow Caledonian University's School of Health and Life Sciences, all staff and students. Thanks to paramedic instructor Kerry...

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Natural and Home Remedies for Traumatic Brain Injury

This video has Natural and Home Remedies for Traumatic Brain Injury.

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Life After a Brain Injury


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Invisible Illness & Brain Injury Awareness

I made this video in hopes to spread awareness to Traumatic Brain Injuries and all invisible illnesses, in hopes to educate at least one person of what it feels like to go through a battle...

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Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Meet a handful of people with brain injury who give courage and tenacity new meaning.

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Realities of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury


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A fall on the ice causes a brain injury

Life changed in an instant for Meredith Bell, when she slipped in an icy parking lot and hit her head. She suffered a traumatic brain injury. An estimated 10000 Mainers suffer TBI's every...

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